What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? They Take Action and Follow Through

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Now, in theory, this is a simple enough statement. In practice, however, it is one of the most difficult. Why? People don't follow through and do what they say they were going to do.

"Every failure in human history can be traced back to someone, somewhere who did not take action and follow through." Me.

I call it the "Someone, Somewhere" rule or SOS for short.

And, I have yet to have it proven wrong. Every failure, no exceptions.

Someone, somewhere did not take action and follow through. In Customer Service this is called a "Going out of business soon."

Taking action is fairly easy, when people feel empowered to do so. Here is a little test to see if your personnel can take action without fear. Ready? Has anyone in your company been discharged (fired) for taking care of the Customer?

If so, you are not in the Customer Service business. You are in some other business called "closing soon."

If your personnel are not taking action, start with the question "Do my Customer Service Professionals feel EMPOWERED to take action?" If they don't, guess what! NO ACTION!

No action means poor Customer Service, which means money is staying away, and if you use your fingers and toes you just figured out...

you need to find a new place of employment because this one is "done gone to the dogs".

Do the math, Einstein.

It makes no sense to hire, train, invest, retrain, retrain, retrain, retrain, fire, hire, train, invest...if your employees are not EMPOWERED with authority to act in the best interests of the one person who is paying the bill, your Customer.

The next step is following through. There is not one person who is reading this article that has not been on the end of an action not followed through. Think I'm wrong?

Tell me if you have had this phone call. "I'm sorry sir, we can't make it out today to install your cable service" or this one "We won't be able to make it today. One of our trucks broke down. Can we reschedule you for next week?" or my favorite "Your car won't be ready today."

Clearly a case of action not followed through. Wait, you say, they "were a victim of circumstances." (In my best Curly voice) I call BS. Break it down.

In the case of a missed appointment, someone, somewhere over booked, did not check the schedule or missed another appointment previously scheduled.
Another one you say.

Ok. "Car not ready" Too easy. Service Department overbooked, did not dispatch promptly, Service Advisor did not get vehicle report back in a timely manner, etc...clearly this is not "new math" folks.

The result of not following through 100% of the time is 100% failure.
No exceptions.

Maybe if we started asking the question "Mr./Ms. Customer, did we follow through on our promise to take action in your best interests and follow through on that promise?" our Customer Service Satisfaction Indexes might be scored a little different.

Take action and follow through. Your Customers deserve it.

Be Professional.

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What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? They Take Action and Follow Through

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This article was published on 2010/04/01