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The good news is you have potential clients contacting you. The bad news is you may have so many highly qualified potential buyers contacting you that you don't know who to reach out to first. I know this is a problem you've been waiting to have.

Those potential buyers came to you because they took the action you asked them to take. That's great news. The challenge is you aren't sure how ready those potential buyers are to make a purchasing decision.

You can control who you send your sales and marketing communications to. You can control the message. What you can't control is the stage the person receiving your message may be in the buying process.

There are four stages of buyer readiness. There are people who have no knowledge or interest in what you can do for them. They won't respond to your message.

Some people have some awareness of what you can do for them and some awareness of their need for that offer; however, they aren't ready to do anything about it. These folks aren't likely to respond. Some of the people who receive your message are aware they want what you have to offer and they're in the information gathering stage. They respond to your offer. They just aren't to buy yet.

Ready buyers want what you have and they're looking to buy immediately. Obviously you want to get to these folks as fast as possible. That means you have to help them take a next action.

The first action was low risk high value. It helped you identify them as people who are interested in what you have to offer. It didn't help you identify how ready they are to buy.

The next action should help them select themselves as ready buyers. The next action must follow a logical extension from the first action. It shouldn't scare off those who aren't ready to buy just yet.

Here's a simple example. Let's say you sell window blinds. The first action is completing a request form to get color and fabric samples. Once the potential client receives those samples they also get an offer to get a free tool to measure their windows. This offer might also include a checkbox indicating you'd like to speak with a window consultant to get free assistance choosing your window coverings.

The people who responded to the request for samples are interested in your window blinds or they wouldn't complete the request. If they take the next action to get the measuring device you know this is a serious buyer. If they further indicate they want to talk with a consultant this is someone who deserves immediate attention.

Apply these concepts to your offer and discover the ready buyers.

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Get Ready Buyers & Sell More

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This article was published on 2010/04/04